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What does a TOD mean for centre planning?

metro todredThis depends entirely on the dynamics of the TOD and the wider environment. In some cases the TOD will be based on heavy rail and some on light rail. Most TOD based projects in Australia are heavy rail projects.


In the case of heavy rail a choice of side (of rail station) becomes important. It is should not be a "given" to place the village or town centre immediate to the public transport node. In town centre planning a fundamental definition of the role of the station is important for heavy rail TODs.

Is it an "incoming" station or an "outgoing" station? Are people leaving for work from the station or arriving for work from the station? If it is an "outgoing station" it may be more effective to place the village or town core some distance from the station. This allows for two intensive nodes rather than one - one around the station and one around the centre.

Finally the maximising the use of public transport at a TOD is second prize in TOD and centre planning. First prize is for the TOD to be as self contained as possible in all manner of goods and services, so that people do not need to leave it. If they do have to leave then the preferred mode is public transport.