Creating better cities by
improving the value of the public realm
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Urbacity - what do we do?

Urbacity is a Sydney based consultancy practice that is dedicated to improving the quality of the urban environment.

Most of its work is focused on the performance of centres and the community context in which centres can flourish. It has found that the core basis for qualification as a centre is the desire AND need to walk primarily within the public realm between businesses and activities. The level to which centres flourish is in large part a consequence of the qualities of its streets and spaces and the relationships formed between buildings and people on foot.

The company is widely experienced in managing the interface between urban economics and urban design and applies a number of tools and formal Toolkits to assist it in advising public and private sector clients across Australia and New Zealand.

We are publishing a quarterly newsletter devoted to sharing knowledge with colleagues and others who are interested and concerned about the way we hunt and gather in everyday life. The first newsletter will be published at the end of March 2013 and is the formative story of Gungahlin - a town in Canberra for 80,000 people. Mike Cullen was a member of the consultancy team that designed the town and he sat on the Gungahlin Development Authority Board for 6 years, effectively implementing the plan he helped create in the early 1990s. His unique position enables him to provide an insider's view into what it takes to build a traditional town - the mistakes, the successes and the important roles of key individuals. Gungahlin remains Australia's only true street-based town centre built since World War 2 and its story should provide helpful insights for planners, urban designers & architects.