Creating better cities by
improving the value of the public realm


  • City, town & village centre urban planning
  • City, town & village centre urban design.
  • Centre design controls (codes).
  • Economic analysis and effects analysis.
  • Retail analysis as a starting point for centre planning.
  • Strategies for improving economic performance (including jobs assessments/projections).
  • Strategies for improving social performance.
  • Public Markets (feasibility & design)
  • Built form audits
  • Edge condition audits
  • Strategic Land Use Planning.
  • Centre merchandising strategies.
  • TOD planning and design.
  • The role of centres in public health performance.
  • The role and design of streets and lanes.
  • Strategic centre regulation and statutory planning advice.
  • Expert witness.
  • Public Realm Audits
  • Walkability audits (PERS)